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ActivEdit WYSIWYG HTML Editor
Allow customers to edit HTML Content
ActivEdit can be used where you would normally use a HTML text area, but allows users to easily format the data into HTML with a familiar Word Processor interface. From $100.00

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Spell Checker
Server-Side Spell Checker
ActivSpell is a server side spell checker that allows developers to use or build a pure HTML/Java Script interface for Textbox's and Textareas. From $150.00

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Email Verifier
Email Verifier can perform several checks agains an email address including syntax, dns MX lookup, top level domain name validation, and even mail server validation

Code Review
A Cold Fusion tool for performing automated code reviews on CFML

A fast Java CFX XML Parser for ColdFusion

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ActivMail replace CFMAIL
High performance tool to send email
ActivMail is a ColdFusion CFX tag that replaces CFMAIL for bulk emails, mailing lists, newsletters, etc. It is capable of sending up to thousands of emails per minute efficiently and reliably. Also, since it is written in Java, it works on all ColdFusion supported platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP). From $200.00

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User friendly email marketing application.
Activmailman is an intelligent email system empowering businesses worldwide to retain and attain customers at higher profit margins. Campaigns with highly targeted and professional emails increase return on investment dramatically. Higher customer response and easier to track, real-time response rates empowers marketers with real-time and more cost effective follow up activity and strategies. From $2,495.00

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ActivMail 2.1 Released
New Version of ColdFusion email tool

ActivEdit 4.0 Released
ActivEdit 4.0 now available on ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, PHP, and ASP.NET

ActivEdit for Mac OS X
ActivEdit 4.0 now runs on Safari 1.2

ActivSoftware Releases Spell Checking Web Service
A web service server for our popular server side spell checker software

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