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Download Google Web API for ColdFusion (CFX_GOOGLE)

CFX_GOOGLE is a Java CFX tag that uses the Google Search Web API to perform a query on the Google search engine and return a result set. The CFX tag encapsulates the SOAP requests and responses providing the developer with a ColdFusion Query containing the search results. To use the tag you must obtain a google search key from google.com/apis
KEY yes string Google Search key code you need to generate one at google.com/apis
RESULTS yes variable Name of the results query that the tag will return. See "RESULTS QUERY" below.
QUERY yes string Your google search query (what you are searching for)
START no number The result number the search results query will start at
MAXROWS no number The maximum number of results to return per query, 1-10 default is 10

TITLE The page title of the result.
SNIPPET A snippet of the result page, the description.
URL The URL of the result page.
DIRECTORYCATEGORY The name of the Open Directory Category that the result occurrs in.
DIRECTORYTITLE The name of the result as it appears in the Open Directory
SUMMARY Description of the result as it appears in the Open Directory.
CACHEDSIZE The size of the cached document.
RELATEDPRESENT True if there are related documents to this result
HOSTNAME The hostname of the result, used for "More Results From: hostname" searches.

QUERY META DATA - additional information about the search
GOOGLE.SEARCHTIME The time it took the google server to compute the results
GOOGLE.SPELLCHECK The query with a corrected spelling suggestion.
GOOGLE.SEARCHTIPS Tips for searching
GOOGLE.TOTALRESULTS An estimate of the total number of results for your query
GOOGLE.ESTIMATEISEXACT Wether the total results estimate is exact.

EXAMPLE - see included google.cfm


If you are running Windows NT/2000 on ColdFusion 4.5.x or 5.0 you should run Setup.exe
If you are running any Other Platform please follow the instructions below...

  • Read And agree to License.txt
  • Copy the docs, and google.cfm to a directory under your web server root
  • Download a JVM, If you have not done so already goto http://java.sun.com/products/ and download the Java 2 Standard Edition JRE (Java Runtime Environment), install it.
  • Log into your ColdFusion Administrator, click on "Java" from the menu on the left.
  • If there is not already a value (There shouldn't be unless you already installed it) Enter the path to your Java Virtual Machine "JVM". The default on windows is c:\program files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3\bin\hotspot\jvm.dll or /usr/java/jdk1.3/hotspot/libjvm.so If you cannot find the locations try: Start -> Find -> jvm.dll (Windows) $> find / | grep libjvm.so (UNIX)
  • In the classpath setting (Still in the Java Settings of CF Administrator) add the full path to googleapi.jar (eg c:\cfdev\CFX_Google\googleapi.jar) seperate with a semi-colin (;) for windows, and with a colin (:) for UNIX.
  • Click "Apply"
  • Click on "CFX Tags" from the left menu. Enter in CFX_Google in the text box, and select "Java" for tag type, click add.
  • Under Class Name put: CFX_Google and enter a description, the supplied description is "Google API Client from CFDEV.COM"
  • Click "Apply"
  • Restart ColdFusion.

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